Ayers Orchard
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PEACHES June 20: Flavorich 

July 1: Summer Pearl, Sure Prince, Early White Giant, Early Red Havens  

July 10: Topaz, Red Haven  

July 20: Lorring, Carolina Belle, Majestic, Red Globe, July Prince , Contender 

August 1: China Pearl, Red Skins, Alberta, Jersey Queen, Jefferson, Yellow Nectarines, Georgia Belles 

August 10: Yellow Hale  

August 15: O’Henry, Honey Dew Hale , White Hale, Monroe, Flaming Prince

 August 25: Big Red​

We move to the AYERS APPLE SHED where our cold storage facility is located around the end of JULY.  It is located at 6178 Wards Gap Road, Cana, Virginia 24317.